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What IF we believed victims?

What IF we believed victims...victims of child abuse, victims of sexual assault, victims of domestic abuse, etc. This is the last day of April, and while the month is almost over, the focuses of this month deserve attention all year long. It is National Child Abuse Awareness Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month amongst other important topics.

While I am thankful that we have the opportunity to shed light and discuss facts about these topics, it is heartbreaking that we have to take a month to try to share facts about abuses and assaults in hopes that it will assist victims with being believed and receiving the support, protection, and justice that they deserve.

What would this world be like if we believed children rather than dismissing their cries for help? What would this world be like if we did not put sexual assault victims through re-traumatization to only be disregarded, left unprotected, and in even more danger for trying to seek help and safety in the first place. I, for one, would like to find out how the world would be different IF we believed victims.

IF - Impact Freedom

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