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HOPE…hope is such a small word and yet so mighty.

When we lose it, things feel heavy, like we cannot possibly carry the load one more step. When we lose it, our surroundings feel cold…the type of cold that hiding under unlimited blankets does not even bring enough warmth to cure it. When we lose it, the days seem long and the nights even longer. When we lose it, we feel alone even in the midst of a crowd.

How does hope gets lost? Sometimes it gets lost little by little, while other times, it all gets lost at once. Sometimes it is by one major blow in life, while other times, it is due to being beaten repeatedly by the reoccurring storms of life. Often times, it feels as though it has been stolen.

One thing is for certain, hope can be found again. It may take a lot of patience. It may take a lot of time, not to mention healing. It may take pursuing it, and it may even take a complete change of circumstances.

When found once again, cling to it like a lost child who has been found; celebrate it; protect it. Don’t ever give up on it. It is the encouragement needed to continue putting one foot in front of the other in this journey of life. Things can be different. Everything in your life is impacted by HOPE.

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