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Hi! I am Tara Alston, the author of Yet Still I Stand, and I need YOU!

Most do not initially look at me and realize what I have been through. That is because I have been given the opportunity to heal, grow and thrive. Not everyone has the support needed to do so.

Time to publish! Donate today and help me encourage others in their healing journey! I provide tools and resources so that these survivors can be intentional about their healing process. Healing from trauma occurs in the midst of a community who cares. Will you help me show those who have experienced trauma and pain that they are not alone and that they can heal and thrive even after what they have been through?

Donate today to help me publish my story and provide this encouragement. This may be the door that opens to start someone on their healing journey.

No amount given is too small. I truly appreciate your generosity and for being a part of a community who will support and encourage survivors. 

Thank You! 


"As a child, I experienced things no child should experience, and everything was a secret. I was threatened to keep it as such while I endured sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and at times, physical abuse and was the victim of exploitation through child sexual abuse material. Secrets like these hold the victims captive and keep the abusers free.

Once I was finally free, another abuser quickly took advantage of my vulnerabilities. I went from abuse to abuse, which is not uncommon. I was beaten, raped, threatened at gunpoint, and controlled.

I was able to escape abuse and find safety. I was intentional about my healing process and had support along my healing journey.

I am sharing my story to be an encouragement to others and then to provide a space for their healing and growth."

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